With support from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, we piloted a Food Systems Lab from September 2016 to August 2017 in Toronto to determine policy options to address one of the century’s biggest challenges: preventing food waste.

Using a Social Innovation Lab approach, we strategically brought together a variety of stakeholders gain a deep understanding of the system, then identified and prototyped innovations and opportunities that can address root causes of challenges.

Long-term outcomes of the Food Systems Lab are:

  • Tangible solutions that reduce food from being wasted and add efficiency to the food system;
  • National level policies to support a sustainable food system that conserves water and energy, enhances ecosystems, and mitigates climate change; and
  • Equitable collaboration between stakeholders in the food system, especially those from marginal communities.

If you wish to learn more about the Food Systems Lab, please email info@foodsystemslab.ca.

Our Sponsors and Partners

Thank you to the generous sponsors and partners for supporting our work.

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