Food Systems Lab at the North American Workshop on Food Waste Reduction and Recovery

On February 28, the Food Systems Lab had a secret mission to complete at the North American Workshop on Food Waste Reduction and Recovery: audit the food waste from lunch. We succeeded.

The solid food waste that we found from plate scrapings at lunch. Photo by Tammara Soma.
The waste audit results. Most of the waste was actually liquids (tea, coffee, juice). We also didn’t weigh the food that was left behind on the buffet table, since we don’t know how much is saved, reused or donated.

Following our secret mission, we presented the results  of the waste audit and introduced the Food Systems Lab to more than 80 workshop participants from across North America. It was the last presentation of the day, and Tammara (with her boundless energy) filled the room with excitement and enthusiasm. Download the full presentation PDF.

Tammara Soma speaking to a room full of representatives from Canada, Mexico and the United States about the waste audit and Food Systems Lab. Photo by Belinda Li.