Youth Engagement

Looking for learning materials and project to tackle the issue of food waste? Look no further!

With support from colleagues in the United States and Mexico, the Food Systems Lab team created a Food Matters Action Kit for Commission for Environmental Cooperation. This toolkit has over 2 dozen activities to inspire youth to make a difference. We hope to spark a collective youth movement to prevent, reduce, recover food loss and waste in North American and beyond. Spread the word and join the youth movement!

Watch the video developed by Food Systems Lab team member Kelsey Carriere.

Food Systems Lab also created a series of closed loop food system lesson plans to take students through a journey on the cycle of food, from how it grows to how it composts. These lesson plans were piloted at an elementary school in Toronto. The content was designed for middle school students, but can be adapted for elementary and high schools. We welcome feedback and new ideas to expand these lesson plans to more topics and age groups.