Food Waste Campaign Research

A food waste audit at a multi-unit residential building.

Under the supervision of Principal Investigator Dr. Virginia Maclaren at the University of Toronto, Food Systems Lab (with Dr. Tammara Soma and Belinda Li as Co-Investigators) was awarded a Seeding Food Innovation Grant from the Weston Foundation to better understand the efficacy of awareness campaigns to increase awareness of the negative impact of food waste and encourage residents to take action to reduce food waste at home. We created and tested three types of household food waste awareness campaigns in the City of Toronto, with surveys and waste audits before and after to measure their effectiveness. We are currently conducting follow-up surveys for this study and will start publishing results in spring 2019.

Campaign Strategies

Informational Campaign

Participants receive information in an electronic or printed newsletter

Community Workshops

Participants are invited to a series of workshops in their community

Trivia Game

Participants are invited to play a trivia game once per week

Preliminary Results

Eat Your Leftovers!

Our baseline waste audit shows that 35% of the food we waste are prepared foods and leftovers. These are ready-to-eat items that we could simply reheat as a meal on their own, or combine with other ingredients to create new meals.

Eat Your Leftovers!