Workshop 3 Summary

We took a summer break, and now we’re back with a summary of our third workshop.

Our pilot year has come to an end, but it’s just new beginnings for many initiatives that have come out of our lab process:

●  Circular food curriculum pilot (under the Our Food Our Future theme) with a class at Hawthorne School that will include: vermicomposting workshop, food waste campaign at school and letter campaign to local politicians.
●  Proposal to the Weston Foundation for funding to test different food waste awareness campaign strategies in Toronto
●  Ongoing participation in the steering committee Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Food and Organic Waste Framework
●  Creating an open source guide to running a Food Systems Lab or similar process.
●  Ongoing participation in the National Food Policy consultation for Canada
●  Contributing to Food Secure Canada’s policy briefing note on food waste
●  Presenting findings at the Association of European Schools of Planning conference, Coventry U.K
●  Contributing a food waste policy commentary for the Canadian Association of Food Studies Special Issue on National Food Policy (October 2017)
●  Part of the advisory committee for LyoFresh Technology, one of the solutions pitched under the theme “Technology for Change”
●  Part of the advisory committee for “Brew Growth” to pilot coffee ground to community garden initiative across the GTA
●  Steering Committee of the first Feeding 5000 event in Toronto, utilizing what would have been wasted food to feed 5000 people (part of the international FeedBack campaign). October 8th 2017
●  Part of an expert panel for the CBC Radio Ideas program “Feeding the Future” October 27th 2017